The SMART DMSMS Solution!

Lifecycle Data Centric Software Solution for Supportability and Obsolescence Management

A Proactive Solution Process,
Not Just a Tool.

With SMART, you have the ability to perform quicker analysis and make informed decisions utilizing an automated and intuitive Closed Looped Decision Support Process.

SMART provides increased productivity with optimized solution options with program justification and value assessment with built-in Return on Investment (ROI).

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SMART takes DMSMS Management to a higher level by incorporating all of the key ingredients required for program supportability management. This web based state of the art “one stop shop” DMSMS decision support solution is a complete life cycle management and software process with capabilities and options designed to meet your DMSMS requirements.

SMART is your “one stop shop” for all your DMSMS Needs. With SMART information, analyses and solutions are a click away.

Embedded Industry Data Content

  • Electronics Databases with Millions of Parts
  • RAC COTS Supplier Database with Replacements
  • Supply Support, Aftermarket and Logistics Information
  • Aftermarket & Die Inventory with Direct Access

Decision Support System with Closed-loop Process

  • Solution Based Case Management
  • Cost Avoidance Analyses and Metrics

Proactive Alert Notification Process

  • SCORE Ranking and Prioritization

Web Based Supply Chain Collaborative Application

  • User Friendly & Intuitive Systematic Software
  • Tight Security and Control Features
  • SMARTer, Quicker Analysis & Decision Making
  • Increased Productivity with Optimized Solution Options
  • Built-In High Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Low Cost and Easy to Use Deployment Model
    • Unlimited Users; No Per Seat Cost
    • Automated Justification of Budget & Program Expenditures
  • Information Portal Brings Disparate Data to Life