Welcome to Resource Analysis Corporation (RAC)

As an industry leader providing Obsolescence Management Solutions, RAC is a customer centric software solution pioneer and technology innovator.  Many years of domain expertise allows us to leverage our core capabilities within the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMS/MS) market segment.  Our focus is directed upon the US Government Department of Defense (DoD), Aerospace and Defense (A&D), and High Technology vertical markets.  Our products and services increase supportability and readiness for sophisticated programs through full scale Obsolescence Management.

RAC’s unique approach to solving Reliability, Engineering, Availability and Logistics (REAL) problems sets us apart and offers our clients technologically advanced products and services that are extremely attractive and affordable.

RAC’s flagship product is the Supportability Management Assessment Report Tool (SMART) which is a world class DMS/MS software solution.

SMART is a Supply Chain Data Centric Software Solution for Supportability and Obsolescence Management that provides Full Scale DMS/MS Closed Loop Decision Support within an Open Architecture and Web Based Collaborative Environment.

Our powerful combination of value-added services, leading edge product solutions and superior quality controls places RAC as an industry leader in our specialized field and most importantly provides our clients with a high return on investment and process optimization for their programs.

At RAC, adding immediate value to our clients is our number one objective.  Utilizing our core competencies and product solutions enables us to leverage and deliver a high degree of results and optimization for our clients.

RAC is well positioned and prepared to capitalize on its desirable services and products, market demand, limited competition, and cost advantages.

We look forward to working with you and supporting your program needs.